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It’s Wise to Be Informed When Shopping for Replacement Windows

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Information is the key to making a wise decision. Often times when we delve into unfamiliar waters, we find ourselves bombarded with terms and phrases that mean nothing to us. Sometimes this terminology may be used to try to impress us or give us a false sense of security because we assume that the use of industry terms and buzz words equates to knowledge. That is not always the case. It is much better to be prepared and familiarize yourself with industry terms so you can listen and speak with the sales person and be comfortable that you have the tools to make an informed decision. Below is a list of terms and phrases you should be familiar with when shopping for replacement windows.

Types of Windows

  • Double-Hung: A window with two parts (and upper and lower) in which the lower part can be raised and the upper part can be lowered.
  • Slider: A slider works on the same principle as a double-hung, but the panels move laterally rather than up and down.
  • Bay: A large window or series of windows (usually three) that project from the outer wall forming a recess inside.
  • Bow: A large window or series of windows (usually four or more) that project from the outer wall forming a recess inside. Usually more curved than a bay.
  • Casement: Window consisting of one or two panels that are hinged on one side and be cranked open and closed.
  • Garden: Also referred to as a window box, a garden window usually projects at 90 degrees from the outer wall forming a three-sided window.
  • Picture: A large, single section window that does not open, usually overlooking a view.

Window Feature Terms

  • Double Pane: A window with two panes of glass, usually containing a spacer between the panes.
  • Triple Pane: A window with three panes of glass, usually containing a spacer between the panes.
  • Low E: Low E glass, or insulated glass uses a series of thin films to reduce the UV light and radiant energy that passes through the window.
  • Gas Filled: Multiple paned windows are often filled with gas between the panes. Argon and krypton are the two most common gases used. Gas between the panes acts as an insulation making the windows more energy efficient.
  • Vinyl: Window frames that are made from vinyl which provides low maintenance requirements durability and thermal efficiency.
  • Vinyl Clad: Window frame usually consisting of a wooden frame that is wrapped in vinyl on the outside to provide superior maintenance freedom, strength and thermal efficiency.
  • Composite: Window frames usually consisting of wood fiber mixed with another substance such as fiberglass or vinyl.

Remember, the more you know that better decision you can make. To learn more about replacement windows and how they can improve your home, contact Your Remodeling Guys today!


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