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Window Terms

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Window Terms

Window Terminology for Lancaster, York and Harrisburg Homeowners

Here at Your Remodeling Guys, we believe communication is important and we work hard to keep our customers as well-informed as possible. Here is a list of the most common window terms to help you prepare for your window replacement project.

Argon Gas – A nontoxic gas that is used to insulate glass in windows to reduce heat transfer.

Awning Window – A window that swings outward for ventilation and is ideal for hard to reach places due to being able to easily open the window via a hand crank.

Bay Window – A window style that consists of a combination of three windows that are usually angled at 30 to 45 degrees.

Bow Window – A type of window style that consists of an angled combination of windows in 3,4 or 5 lite configurations. When the windows join together, they form an arch shape that protrudes from the wall of the home.

Casement Window – A type of window style where a side-hinged hash that opens and closes by the use of a crank handle.

Double-Hung Window – A type of window style that consists of two vertical operating sashes.

Double Pane Window – A window that consists of two panes and includes argon gas filled in between the panes for additional energy efficiency.

Fixed Panel – A panel on a sliding glass door or slider window that is inoperable.

Glass – A transparent material made up of silica, soda and lime with small amounts of aluminum, boric or magnesia oxides.

Glazing – The panes of glass or plastic in a window, door or skylight.

Head – All the horizontal parts located at the top of the window frame.

Hinge – The moveable joint that allows a window to swing open.

Jamb – The vertical part that is located at the side of the window frame or the horizontal part at the top of a window frame.

Latch – Also known as catch or lock, it is the device that holds the window shut. Latches can be located at the meeting rail of a double-hung window or mounted on the stile of casement windows.

Masterframe – Sections of a window that consist of the head, sill and jamb.

Pane – Also referred to as light (lite) or window light, a pane is a sheet of glass that is used for glazing a window.

Sash – The part of the window that contains the glass. The sash is separate from the masterframe.

Sill – The bottom, horizontal part of the masterframe.

Single-Hung Window – A type of window style in which one pane is operational while the other pane is stationary.

Sliding Window – A type of window style that involves the pane gliding using rollers and a reinforced rail system.

Stile – The vertical edge components of a window sash

Triple Plane Window – A window that consists of three panes and includes argon gas filled in between the panes for additional energy efficiency.

Window – An opening in an outside wall that usually consists of a frame, sash, glazing and operable components.

Window Frame – The frame of the window that holds the casement or sash and the hardware as well.

Window Unit – The entire window including the sash and the frame.

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