Garage Organization Services for Homeowners in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg & Throughout South Central Pennsylvania

Garage OrganizationIf you’re looking for a company specializing in garage organization in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, or any nearby PA community that can help you get neat and stay neat, look no further than Your Remodeling Guys. Let’s face it – garages have progressively shifted from shelters for cars to jam-packed storage units filled with anything and everything. We all promise ourselves that we’re going to clean out our garages, but time and energy seem to evade us and our garages remain cluttered. At Your Remodeling Guys, we take a formulaic approach to garage organization, and we can help you take back your garage once and for all.

We’re proud to offer the following garage organization services:

  • Slatwall installation – Slatted vinyl panels are installed on garage walls and can hold clips to contain hoses, rakes, shovels, and other miscellaneous items, making it easy to clear clutter and arrange items in an organized fashion.
  • Storage installation – We can install garage cabinets, overhead racks, and garage shelving units to provide extra storage space.
  • Flooring installation – We will install a poly terrazzo floor made from a polyurea material that is simple to clean and is a much higher quality product than the flooring available at big box home improvement stores. Prior to applying the new floor, we’ll use diamond-bit grinders to scour the existing concrete surface and remove oil stains and cracks. This will help ensure the best results.

Clearing clutter from your own garage can be overwhelming, but with Your Remodeling Guys on your side, you needn’t worry. We offer a garage organization service and our team of professional organizers can efficiently and effectively help you get rid of the items you no longer need while assembling the ones you’d like to keep in an orderly manner.

For further information regarding the range of garage organization services that we provide for homeowners in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and other nearby PA communities, please contact Your Remodeling Guys today.