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Energy-Efficient Triple-Pane Windows Save You Money

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At Your Remodeling Guys, we have several options for your windows replacement. These options include different styles like double-hung, bow, or sliding windows, which are all great for enhancing the style of your home. However, the true advantage of our vinyl windows is found in their ability to save you more money on your monthly utilities. We carry energy efficient window options like argon and krypton gas fills, Low-E coating, and double or triple-pane options. The crown jewel of our energy saving options is definitely the triple-pane window option.

The obvious unique characteristic with this type is that it uses three panes of glass, which increases the amount of energy efficiency with multiple layers through which heat transfer must occur. Additionally, we use krypton gas to fill the space between each pane, offering yet another layer of protection. Krypton gas outperforms the more used argon gas, especially in more compact areas, which is why it is primarily used in triple-pane windows. The smaller space between panes can be attributed to the fact that they use one more pane than double-pane windows and in order to keep them aesthetically pleasing, the space between panes must be reduced.

When considering if triple-pane is the way to go for your window replacements, one must consider the advantages they have over their more widely used counterpart of double paned. Both are efficient when dealing with thermal heat transfer, however, triple-paned windows do actually perform better. The additional pane gives you another layer for gas fills and Low-E coating. Additionally, they are far more resistant to condensation. These benefits make them a far better candidate for the colder climates found in the Pennsylvania areas.

A typical concern with triple-paned windows is that they are heavier than their counterparts. However, this weight can be counteracted with proper framing materials and an exceptional installation. At Your Remodeling Guys, we have both. The manufacturer we use for this energy-saving window type is Alside, a leading name in the industry for their quality products. Our installers are all professionals in their field and an airtight installation is all but guaranteed. To start saving more on your monthly energy bills with triple-pane windows or to learn more about them, contact us today.

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