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Walk-in Tubs

Our Walk-In tub service provides you with the highest quality walk-in tub, and a selection of options that will give your bathing experience a serenity beyond any other. Experience the tranquility of graceful aging with Walk-In Tubs from Your Remodeling Guys.
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Walk-In Tubs from Your Remodeling Guys

Walk-In Tubs for Homeowners in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg and Nearby Communities

Have you considered a walk-in tub for your home in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, or any other Pennsylvania community as a more relaxing and safer way to bathe? If so, turn to Your Remodeling Guys for accurate information, quality products, and installation services unlike any other. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect walk-in tub for your needs to ensure that you have a product you’ll love for years to come. We offer additional features for a relaxing bathing experience such as chromatherapy, aromatherapy and water jets. We also offer several bathroom remodeling options such as Budget, Builders, Smart and Ultimate Choice for the perfect walk-in tub to meet your specific needs as well as your budget.

Unlike traditional tubs, bathing in a walk-in bathtub is simple. All you have to do is:

  • Enter the tub by swinging the door open and stepping over a recessed threshold, which is located a few inches above the ground. The low threshold allows you to easily balance while stepping into the tub.
  • Close and lock the tub door behind you before sitting down on a comfortable, contoured bench seat. This chair height seat helps make getting out of the tub easy and comfortable.
  • Fill the tub with water by turning easy-to-reach knobs, before relaxing in the opulence that is your exquisite new step-in tub.
  • Drain the water from the tub and stand up with ease, thanks to a nearby grab bar. The grab bar also provides additional stability while stepping into the tub.
  • Exit the tub by opening the door and, once more, stepping over the slight threshold

Safe and Relaxing Bathing with Walk-in Tubs from Your Remodeling Guys

We can renovate the area surrounding your tub quickly, easily and inexpensively by installing an acrylic tub surround to be the perfect complement to your walk-in tub. To find out more about the benefits of walk-in tubs and the different bathroom remodeling products that Your Remodeling Guys proudly installs for homeowners in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg and surrounding area, please call or contact us today.

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