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Fiberglass Insulation

Chances are that your home is using more energy than it needs to be, especially if you’re equipped with a substandard amount of insulation. Let us save you money by contacting us to assess your needs, and complete a fiberglass insulation installation today!
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Fiberglass Insulation from Your Remodeling Guys

Fiberglass Insulation Installed for Homeowners in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster and Surrounding Communities

Chances are you have some form of fiberglass insulation currently installed in the attic of your home in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster or another community in South Central Pennsylvania. However, it is likely that the amount of insulation installed is vastly substandard. In fact, many homeowners in the area have merely two inches of fiberglass insulation installed while current local building codes specify 18-20 inches as the standard. More insulation in your attic can have an enormous impact on both the comfort of your home and cost of your utility bills. If you’d like to decrease your energy costs and keep your home at a more comfortable temperature year round, allow the professionals at Your Remodeling Guys to complete a fiberglass insulation installation job for you. And, as a Building Performance Institute-certified contractor, we have proven that we possess the know-how and experience to accurately assess and address the specific insulation needs of your home.

The loose-fill, blown-in fiberglass insulation that we install for homeowners throughout the area is designed to combat energy transfer through conduction, or the transfer of heat between two or more objects in physical contact. It is:

  • Produced by Johns Manville, a company known for manufacturing top-quality fiberglass attic insulation
  • Blown into hard-to-reach areas, corners and around framing by our highly experienced team of professionals to ensure the proper application and thickness
  • Capable of providing outstanding insulation for the life of your home, and will not settle or decay as other insulating materials can
  • Noncorrosive, noncombustible, and fire resistant

Protect your Home with Fiberglass Insulation from Your Remodeling Guys

For additional information regarding the home insulation we install for homeowners in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, South Central Pennsylvania and other nearby communities, please contact Your Remodeling Guys today. Be sure to also ask us about all of the other types of insulation that we can install in your home to help you achieve optimal energy efficiency and a cozier home throughout the year. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any pertinent questions you have for us and to explain our many home remodeling services in greater detail.

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