Attic Insulation Solutions for Homeowners in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, PA & Beyond

Attic InsulationProper attic insulation is a must for keeping homes in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and other nearby Pennsylvania communities at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, while helping to keep energy costs down. Unfortunately, many homeowners have insufficient attic insulation levels that are likely doing next to nothing, letting heat flow freely into and out of their homes. At Your Remodeling Guys, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners throughout the area achieve optimum home energy efficiency, and one of the foremost ways to accomplish this is by identifying the types of heat transfer affecting homes and installing exceptional attic insulation products to counter them.

Different types of attic insulation can be used to combat thermal energy transfer, which can occur via convection (transfer through motion of a gas or fluid, such as air or water), conduction (transfer between two or more objects in physical contact), or radiation (transfer through emission or absorption of electromagnetic radiation). Following a thorough, 12-point visual inspection of your home from the attic to the basement, our Building Performance Institute-accredited inspectors can ascertain precisely which method or methods of heat transfer are affecting your home and will recommend the appropriate attic insulation product to combat the energy loss. For example:

  • For convective energy loss, we will air seal all gaps and penetrations into your attic – including recessed lighting cavities and where utility lines enter the home – with caulking and expandable foam. We’ll also install a canopy over your attic access door or hatch. This will help minimize the flow of air into your attic and home.
  • For conductive energy loss, we’ll install loose-fill, blown-in fiberglass insulation from Johns Manville – or blown in cellulose insulation – that will absorb and slow heat transfer for the life of your home and will not decay or settle as other insulating materials can. We also offer loose-fill blown-in cellulose insulation as a more economical option.
  • For radiant energy loss, we will install a unique type of foil attic insulation, known as reflective insulation, which is similar to a radiant barrier. This insulation is manufactured by eShield™ and utilizes NASA technology to reflect radiant heat absorbed by the underside of the roof rafters. Reflecting this heat away from the attic where it enters the home helps to keep the attic, and consequently the entire house, cooler and more comfortable.

For attic insulation services, we’re proud to offer:

  • Budget Choice – Blown-in cellulose insulation
  • Builders Choice – Fiberglass insulation and air-sealing foam
  • Smart Choice – Fiberglass insulation, air-sealing foam, and a blower-door test to discern the spaces in your home that need insulation the most of all
  • Ultimate Choice – Fiberglass insulation, air-sealing foam, the blower-door test, and reflective foil insulation

Furthermore, poor attic ventilation can be especially troublesome and can minimize the effectiveness of even the best attic insulation. If your attic is poorly ventilated, we may recommend the installation of a solar fan to help your attic breathe more effectively without trapping heat inside your home.

To learn more about the attic insulation installation services we provide for homeowners in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and all other South Central PA communities, please contact Your Remodeling Guys today.