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Attic Insulation: More than Insulation, It’s a Science!

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Most people don’t really know what all to consider when it comes to attic insulation. That’s where we come in. We are adept at identifying the type of heat transfer that takes place in your home, and we are more than equipped and capable of setting you up with the perfect insulation for your particular situation. Most people probably think that it doesn’t really matter what type of insulation you use; all that matters is that you have some form of it. However, this could not be further from the truth. There at several types of energy loss that can take place in your home. We won’t get too technical with the details, so to keep it simple, there is convective, conductive, and radiant energy loss. Convective loss occurs through fluid transfer, whereas conductive is through physical touch, and radiant energy loss occurs from thermal radiation.


Right now, you may be thinking, “How do I know which kind of energy loss I’m dealing with?” Fortunately your experts at Your Remodeling Guys are here to help. We can quickly identify your home’s needs and we offer a variety of options to choose from that will optimize your energy efficiency. Our choices range from blown-in fiberglass insulation to eShield insulation and everywhere in between, with our blown-in cellulose insulation being a great choice for those on a tighter budget. Our blown-in cellulose offers you high-quality on a low budget. Blown-in fiberglass ups the ante with more protection and options to get air sealing foam, a blower door test, and reflective foil insulation. Finally, our crown jewel of insulation, the eShield radiant barrier blocks heat emissions from thermal radiation. Combine our radiant barrier with our other insulations and energy inefficiency is no longer a concern with attic insulation. With, at least, one of these options fitting into your budget, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our insulation will pay for itself with the amount of money you’ll save on your utility bill.

Your Remodeling Guys are here to help you! We take the difficulty out of figuring out what type of insulation you need, making your life easier and your home more energy efficient with our attic insulation services and options. So turn to Your Remodeling Guys for all your insulation needs and other home remodeling services!

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