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Signs for a Faulty Roof

The roofing of your Harrisburg home is one of its most prominent features, which is why it’s imperative to ensure it’s in good condition. Find out what characteristics to watch out for that indicate you need replacement roofing.
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How to Determine You Need Replacement Roofing

Make Sure Your Roof can Protect Your Home

There are many things that need upkeep when you’re a homeowner with one of the most important being your roof. The roof of your Harrisburg home is one of its largest components and protects against many things, including the elements. That’s why it’s absolutely imperative to make sure that your roof is in good condition. The roofing experts here at Your Remodeling Guys want to help you ensure that your roof is well-equipped to protect your home which is why we’ve compiled a brief list of common signs that indicate you need to replace the shingle roofing of your Harrisburg home.

Signs of a Worn Shingle Roof:

  • Old Age: The majority of shingle roofs are designed to last, as most, 10-15 years. This means that if your roof is approaching this age, then its lifespan is about to come to an end and that you should start considering your replacement options. Keeping an eye on your roof’s age can help you avoid major problems like leaks and deterioration to your home.
  • Curling Shingles: If any of your shingles are in this condition, chances are that the rest are far behind. Curled shingles are typically a sign of weathering or a defective roof and show that issues such as leaks are about to afflict your home.
  • Missing Shingles: This problem usually occurs after strong storms or winds and doesn’t necessarily mean the end for your entire roof system. However, the issue comes into play when trying to match the colors of your new replacement shingles with the old ones, which is nearly impossible. Many homeowners choose to replace the entire system once the mismatched colors become too much for their home’s curb appeal to bear.
  • Loose Granules: This is a common characteristic of newly installed roofs and are not a cause for concern. However, if your roof is a bit more aged, then loose granules are sign that its lifespan is nearly over. Granules protect the asphalt from the sun and once they are gone, the quality of your shingles will quickly deteriorate, leaving your home vulnerable.
  • Sagging Roof: This is a strong indicator of major structural damage, especially if it’s not localized. It could be a problem with the decking of the roof or even the support of your foundation. If you notice this issue, it’s best to seek the aid of an experienced professional.

Other Roofing Issues & Your Solution

A couple of other issues to keep an eye out for are damage to the valley of your roof and if you can see daylight through your attic. Damage to the valley is significant because that is where rainwater will typically collect to run off of the roof. If you’re missing shingles in this area, then your roof is more susceptible to leaks and damage. As far as daylight being visible from the attic, this is obviously a telling sign that you’re missing parts of your roof. Anything from pests to rain can make its way into your home through openings like these and it’s best to have these fixed as soon as possible. The roofing professionals at Your Remodeling Guys are more than equipped to help Harrisburg homeowners with any of these issues. Contact us today to make sure your roof is able to properly protect your home.

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