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Five-tab Shingle Roofing

Increase the overall beauty & quality of your Harrisburg home by equipping it with our five-tab shingles. This heavy-duty shingle type grants your home greater strength, durability, and architectural beauty.
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Invest in Quality with Heavy-Duty Five Tab Shingles

Ensure Your Roof Can Withstand the Elements

Shingle roofing is largely the standard for roofing on the majority of Harrisburg homes. This is because of its availability and affordability but many homeowners are unaware of the different types of shingle roofing. One type in particular is five-tab roofing, which is of sturdier build and heavier weight. Five-tab shingles are great for withstanding more severe weather and they are less likely to be blown off due to their weight. This puts five tab shingles leagues ahead of three tab shingles, which is why they are placed in our Smart Choice and Ultimate Choice options with the difference being the length of warranty. At Your Remodeling Guys, our goal is to provide Harrisburg homeowners with the highest quality options for their home improvement and at a price they can afford. Our shingle roofing options are encompassed in this philosophy, which is the reason we carry our premier five-tab shingles.

Features & Benefits of Five Tab Shingles:

  • Strength & Durability: Our five-tab shingles are heavier in weight and of sturdy build. This means that you have less to worry about when a strong storm blows through since five-tab shingles are less likely to suffer any damage from high winds. Additionally, our five tab shingles are fire resistant.
  • Architectural Designs: Our Slateline┬« five tab shingles from GAF are available in architectural designs that can give the roof of your Harrisburg home the extra dimension needed to effectively increase its curb appeal.
  • Extended Warranty: Our Smart Choice and Ultimate Choice both come with extensive warranties for our five-tab shingle option. The Smart Choice has a 25 year warranty while the Ultimate Choice has a 50 year warranty. This gives you peace of mind when it comes to the condition of your roof.
  • Color Variety: We have a strong variety of colors available that can help you customize the look of your home. Any of our beautiful shingle colors can help you match or complement the existing color scheme of your home.

High-Quality Shingle Roofing Installations

The beauty of our shingle roofing options is found in the amount of choices we offer. Each of our roofing packages are designed to bring high-quality roofing shingles to Harrisburg homeowners at an affordable price. Furthermore, each of our roofing installers are experts in the field with years of experience behind them. This gives our clients confidence that their roofing installation will hold up for years. The non-prorated warranties with each of our packages instills further confidence that their roofing installation rests in the right hands with Your Remodeling Guys. To learn more about our great roofing options, contact us today for your free roofing consultation!

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