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Window Styles

One of the best things of replacing the windows of your Harrisburg home is that you get to customize its beauty by choosing from a variety of styles. We offer several styles that can accentuate a home’s architecture. Let our window experts help you decide which works for your home.
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Impressive Selection of Window Styles

Beautiful Window Styles Accentuate Your Home

One of the best things about replacing the windows of your Harrisburg home is that you get to choose the perfect way stylize by choosing from a variety of window styles. At Your Remodeling Guys, we have a wonderful assortment of replacement window styles from which you can choose. The reason we carry such a large variety is to ensure that you’re able to find the best window style(s) for your home. Our massive selection includes the classic styling of bow and bay, the highly popular double-hung, and many more. We even have multi-pane options that can grant your home greater energy efficiency.

Popular Replacement Window Styles

  • Awning Windows: The awning window style is unique in that it operates on horizontally placed hinges at the top of the frame. This allows them to form an awning like structure with the sash that makes them perfect for keeping open during light, rainy weather.
  • Casement Windows: This window style swings open much like a door. This makes them great for ventilation, especially on spring days. Additionally, they operate on a hand crank, which means that they are able to form a tighter seal between the sash and frame when closed.
  • Double-Hung Windows: This highly popular window style features tilt-in capabilities and operability of the top and bottom sash. This makes them very easy to clean and great for ventilation. Furthermore, double-hung windows have a sturdier build for extra security.
  • Single-Hung Windows: The single-hung window is similar in appearance to the double-hung but only the bottom sash is operable. This does reduce the weight of the window and cost but it lacks the low-maintenance features of the double-hung.
  • Sliding Windows: The sliding window is unique in that it operates on a horizontal railing system much a like those found on sliding patio doors. This makes them great for areas in your home in which there is a very limited range for vertical motion.
  • Bow & Bay Windows: These two windows create a fantastic visual aspect for any home due to their larger size and unique design. Each are composed of multiple windows and extend beyond the side of your home. Our bow & bay windows greatly enhance the curb appeal of any home.

Customizability with Replacement Windows

In addition to the many styles we have available at Your Remodeling Guys, there are numerous color options, grille patterns, window material types, and hardware options from which you can choose. This means that your new replacement windows can be tailored to perfectly meet your design specifications. We have our window options sectioned off into four different packages to make the window shopping process easier on you. These packages are based on affordability and energy efficiency and include the Budget Choice, Builders Choice, Smart Choice, and Ultimate Choice. To learn more about the wonderful window packages we offer, contact us to schedule a free consultation today!

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