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Triple-Pane & Double-Pane

Triple-pane & double-pane options are highly desirable for homeowners looking for energy efficiency with their replacement windows. Find out which energy-saving option is best for your Harrisburg home.
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The Value of Energy Efficient Windows

Triple-Pane & Double-Pane Comparison

There are many energy-saving options when it comes to replacement windows, one of which is multiple panes. The reason multi-pane windows are so effective with regards to saving energy is because they create extra barriers through which heat must transfer. These barriers are in the glass panes and the thermal break provided by the space in between panes. Multi-pane windows also allow for more Low-E coatings, which helps combat radiant heat transfer.

There are two options with multi-pane windows; you can have either double-pane or triple-pane. Many of our clients here at Your Remodeling Guys often wonder if triple-pane windows are worth the extra cost. In order for our window experts to help answer that question, we must first address some key differences in the construction and how each window affects your Harrisburg home. Once these have been detailed, you should be able to make an informed decision about which multi-pane window option is best for your home and purposes.

Qualities of Multi-Pane Windows

  • Weight: Triple-pane windows are going to weigh more since they have another glass pane. There’s no way around this but the weight shouldn’t make any difference regarding operability since all windows have a balance in the frame that counteracts the weight of the window. Regardless of which window type you get, it should open and close easily.
  • Noise Reduction: Triple-pane windows do aid in noise reduction, however, the difference between triple and double in regards to this are minimal. In other words, it’s best to not expect a huge difference between the two when it comes to noise reduction.
  • Energy Efficiency: This is the most noticeable difference between the two as triple-pane windows outperform double-pane in U-Factor up to an estimated 30%. Additionally, the extra pane of glass allows for more Low-E coatings and another thermal break.
  • Window Cost: Replacing your existing windows with triple-pane is going to be more expensive than it would we with double-pane, however, the return on investment (ROI) from triple-pane should offset the cost over after a few years. Plus, you get to enjoy a more comfortable home throughout the time that triple-pane windows are installed on your home.

Deciding Which Window Option is Best

After examining the properties and benefits of double and triple-pane windows, it’s safe to say that the choice cannot purely be made on tangible evidence. There are other factors to consider such as your ability to absorb the extra cost of triple-pane, the value of energy-efficiency in your Harrisburg home, and if you intend on staying in your home long enough to reap the benefits. If all of these factors align for you, then there’s really no reason to not have triple-pane windows installed on your home. However, double-pane windows aren’t a bad option either and can do wonders for the energy efficiency of your home, especially if you’re transitioning from outdated, single-pane windows. To learn more about the benefits of our multi-pane windows, contact us today for a free consultation.

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