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Replacement Window FAQs

Learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about replacement windows and how they can better your Harrisburg home.
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Replacement Window FAQs

Find the Answers to Your Window Questions

Many homeowners have questions when it comes to replacing the windows of their Harrisburg homes and we have the answers to those questions at Your Remodeling Guys. These questions can range from those about energy efficiency to the build of the window. Our window experts are some of the best in the industry, which means that we are more than capable of answering any questions you may have. Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get; to learn more, contact us and set up your free window consultation today!

How can I determine a window’s energy efficiency?

The best way to determine a window’s energy efficiency is to examine the NFRC label, which contains the ratings for U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visible Transmittance, and Air Leakage. Each of these rate various aspects of a window’s energy efficiency.

Is triple-pane really worth the extra cost?

Determining whether or not triple-pane windows are worth the cost is really dependent on several factor, including how long you intend on living in the home, current financial status, and the value of energy efficiency to you.

Why should I invest in replacement windows?

Investing in replacement windows is good for so much more than just curb appeal and energy efficiency. It’s also financially beneficial due to the increase in home value. Not only does this give your home greater resale value, it also increases home equity. In short, replacement windows provide a great return on investment (ROI).

Is condensation something to worry about?

Condensation is normal in homes, especially around the window area. It’s a result of high humidity coming into contact with a colder surface. Since windows are a barrier between a climate controlled environment and the outside, it’s not uncommon to see it form on the surface. However, condensation between the panes of multi-paned windows is a sign of worn seals or damaged sashes and should draw reason for concern.

What are my options for energy efficiency?

At Your Remodeling Guys, we have several energy-saving options that can help increase the efficiency of your window. These options include multiple-panes, Low-E coatings, insulating gas fills, and much more.

What is the purpose of Low-E coatings?

Low-E coatings are special films used to reduce the amount of UV radiation that can be transmitted through your window. This helps reduce radiant heat transfer and protects the interior of your home from fading in areas where sunlight hits it.

What makes up a composite window?

Our composite windows are made using Fibrex®, which is a composite material that’s comprised of wood fibers and polyvinyl resins. This unique composition grants homeowners a window with the beauty of wood and low-maintenance quality of vinyl.

Can vinyl windows be energy efficiency?

Vinyl windows can be just as energy-efficient as nearly any other window since it can be optimized with multiple panes, Low-E coatings, and insulating gas fills. Furthermore, our vinyl frames can be filled with insulating foam that gives them even more energy efficiency.

What’s a window sash?

A window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass and is separate from the master frame. It’s usually comprised of sheets of glass, sash frame material, grille, and gaskets.

How do I know which window style to choose?

The style of window you choose for your Harrisburg home is largely dependent on your personal tastes. Sometimes, the architecture of your home can play a role as well as the placement of the window. The window experts at Your Remodeling Guys are more than capable of helping you determine which windows style will best suit your Harrisburg home based on design and buyer preference.

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