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Composite Windows

Our composite windows are made using the high-quality material known as Fibrex®. Find out what that means for your Harrisburg home and why the material is so desirable among homeowners.
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Advantages of Fibrex® Composite Windows

What Composite Windows Do for Your Home

At Your Remodeling Guys, we have a variety of replacement windows that are made using the impressive Fibrex® composite material. This material is known for affording windows the qualities of both wood and vinyl. The qualities it takes from wood are beauty, strength, and durability. The vinyl qualities that our composite windows takes on are its low-maintenance, resistance to decay, and superior energy efficiency. This means that you get the best qualities from two of the most popular window material types without the drawbacks that they typically present. No longer is there a need to choose between having the traditional beauty of wood and the convenient, low-maintenance of vinyl. With our high-quality composite windows, both are possible to have on your Harrisburg home and in one convenient package.

Features & Benefits of Composite Windows

  • Strength & Durability: Our composite windows make use of high-quality materials to grant it 2x the strength of standard vinyl. This means that you can have expanded views since the frames can be narrower in profile and still support the weight of the window.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our composite windows have the impressive thermal insulating properties of Fibrex® on their side as well as modern energy-saving applications like Low-E4 glass and multi-pane options that provide thermal breaks.
  • Rich Beauty: One of our windows’ more impressive features is they carry the rich, traditional beauty of wood. This is possible because the composite material is made using real wood fiber, which gives it the texture that is indicative of natural hardwood.
  • Low-Maintenance: Since our window’s composite material is partly made up of vinyl polymers and resins, it takes on the same low-maintenance qualities of vinyl. This means you don’t have to worry about deterioration, rotting, flaking, peeling, corrosion, or any other common issues that afflict wood windows.
  • Variety of Color Options: We have an impressive selection of colors from which you can choose that can perfectly accentuate the existing color scheme of your home. Additionally, we have several hardware options and grille patterns available that add even more customization.

High-Quality Composite Windows & Installation

Our composite window selection at Your Remodeling Guys grants Harrisburg homeowners a high-quality replacement window option designed to have the best of both worlds. This makes them perfect for homeowners that are looking for windows with the beauty of real wood and low-maintenance durability of vinyl. Additionally, our windows are available in a variety of colors and styles so they can complement the architecture of homes of any style. Furthermore, our windows are highly energy efficient to save you more money each month. Combine that with our exceptional installation techniques that leave you with a window installation with no gaps or leaks and you get a highly energy efficient addition for your Harrisburg home. Contact us today to learn more about what our composite windows can do for your home.

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