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Wood Cabinet Refacing

Enjoy the rich, traditional beauty of wood cabinets in your Harrisburg kitchen by having your dated cabinets refaced. Our outstanding wood options can be just the facelift your kitchen needs.
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The Beauty of Wood in Your Home Kitchen

Enjoy the Traditional Look of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Having the traditional beauty of wooden kitchen cabinets is something that every Harrisburg homeowner has dreamed of at one time, which is why we carry this classic option at Your Remodeling Guys. The exceptional aesthetic of wood is inescapable as it draws you in with its hypnotic wood grain patterns and rich color palette. Plus, it offers superior strength and durability when compared to that of any other cabinet refacing material we carry. It’s for reasons such as these that we’ve made wood cabinet refacing our Smart Choice package. When you choose the Smart Choice, you can pick from a variety of hardwood species from which your cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be made. Additionally, we have several cabinet colors from which you can choose that can add a greater depth and perspective to the style of your kitchen.

Wood Cabinet Features & Benefits

  • Traditional Beauty: There’s nothing quite like the traditional beauty of wood and air of elegance that it brings to any home. That’s one of the reasons so many have fallen in love with its intricate grain patterns and rich colors unique to each species.
  • High Strength & Durability: Wood has proven itself as a highly durable building material over the years, which is why so many homeowners turn to it when they are looking for a material that will last. Furthermore, the strength it provides gives homeowners peace of mind that their kitchen cabinets will last.
  • Customization: One of the best things about wood is that there are so many species from which you can choose. Each has its own unique qualities of beauty and strength, giving homeowners one of the best ways to customize the look and effectiveness of their home.
  • Increased Value: Wood construction adds more value to homes because it’s often found to be more desirable than other materials such as RTF. The additional strength and durability of wood cabinets also aids with the increase in value.

High-Quality Wood Cabinet Installation

Our cabinetry experts are some of the best in Harrisburg and surrounding areas, which means that you can rest assured that your cabinet refacing job will be done to perfection. Furthermore, wood cabinets offer you the option of choosing among many different hardwood species and the ability to paint your cabinets. These are both characteristics that you don’t get with our RTF option. To learn more about what our wood cabinet refacing can do for your home, contact us today and set up a free consultation.

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