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Cabinet Replacement

Sometimes cabinet refacing is not enough and a little extra is needed. Find out how to determine if cabinet replacement is better for your home than cabinet refacing.
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When Cabinet Replacement is Better Than Refacing

How to Tell What Type of Cabinet Work You Need

There are two types of cabinet work that we specialize in here at Your Remodeling Guys, refacing and replacing. Both are fine options when you want to upgrade the beauty of your Harrisburg kitchen but only one works if you need to readjust your kitchen layout or have any other major cabinet issues. Major cabinet and kitchen layout issues will generally call for cabinet replacement, which can be taken care of with our Ultimate Choice. The Ultimate Choice entails design and crafting new cabinets for your Harrisburg kitchen from the ground up. The downside to full cabinet replacement is that it is more expensive than cabinet refacing. Our professionals can help you identify whether you need a cabinet replacement or if you can get away with cabinet refacing.

Reasons for Cabinet Replacement

  • Poor Kitchen Layout: This is a fairly common issue for new homeowners who end up wanting to remodel a home. In short, refacing your cabinets won’t make you love the layout, which is why homeowners that are dissatisfied with cabinet layout often have them replaced. This gives them the freedom to redesign how their kitchen functions as an entire unit.
  • Poorly Built Cabinets: Not all cabinets are made equal, which leads to the point of poorly made cabinets. If your existing cabinets are poorly constructed, then it’s best to replace them. Signs of poor quality cabinets are knotted wood, pitch pockets, and many others. Our experts can help you identify if your cabinets are poorly made.
  • Rusting or Rotting Cabinets: As with most things, cabinets are susceptible to damage from aging and poor maintenance. Rusting metal components of your cabinetry or any signs of water damage to the boxes and faces is a sure sign that replacement cabinets are needed.
  • Structural Issues: Structural issues to your home such as settling floors and shifting walls can lead to ill-fitting cabinets that are left hanging or sitting crooked. Refacing cabinets in this condition won’t fix the issue and it’s best to have your home repaired and cabinets replaced.

Cabinet Refacing or Replacing: Which Do You Need?

The best part about the cabinet remodeling services we provide at Your Remodeling Guys is that you don’t have to go it alone. You’ll have trained professionals at your side to ensure that the kitchen remodeling option you’re getting is the best one for your situation. We won’t call for a full cabinet replacement if you can get away with our refacing service. If you choose to go with a replacement option because you’re dissatisfied with the layout of your kitchen, then we’ll even help you design your new cabinets so that they meet your exact needs and specifications. Don’t fall victim to unnecessary work and contact us today to schedule your free kitchen cabinet consultation!

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