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Walk-in Baths

Enjoy the standard in accessible bathing with one of our walk-in tubs. Find out how easy a walk-in tub can make your bathing life in your Harrisburg home.
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Walk-in Tubs: The Standard for Accessible Bathing

Popularity in Accessibility with Walk-in Tubs

For homeowners wanting a more accessible bathing experience, there’s no better way to find it than with one of our high-quality walk-in tubs. These provide Harrisburg homeowners with a more accessible way to bathe by eliminated the high-sided aspect of standard tubs and replacing it with a low-threshold entrance and leak-proof door. This way people can still enjoy a rejuvenating soak without the threat of tripping over the tub entrance. Additionally, the walk-in tubs we carry here at Your Remodeling Guys have a heated air system infused into the tub to keep your bathing water as warm as you like. It also comes equipped with the additional safety features like safety grab bars and a built-in chair height seat for maximum comfort.

Features & Benefits of Walk-in Tubs:

  • Low-Threshold: The low threshold entrance eliminates the hazard of tripping over a high-sided tub wall so you can have peace of mind when entering and exiting your walk-in tub.
  • Leak-Proof Door: The implementation of our leak-proof door is what makes the walk-in tub dream a reality. It’s because of the swinging door that we are able to eliminate the high-sided tub wall and still provide a tub that allows for a full body soak.
  • Chair-Height Seat: By implementing a chair-height seat, our tubs are able to provide the user with superior comfort while bathing. Best of all, there’s no need for you to maneuver around a cramped space since the chair-height seat is just as comfortable as a living room recliner.
  • High-Quality Acrylic: Our walk-in tubs are made using acrylic of the highest quality to give it outstanding durability and strength. This means that it can withstand every day wear and tear, which gives it an incredible lifespan.
  • Low-Maintenance: We use a non-porous acrylic for each of bathroom installations. This makes them exceptionally easy to clean and increases their resistance to mold and mildew. It’s high resistance to mold and mildew means you no longer have to worry with any hard scrubbing or harsh chemicals when cleaning your bathing space.

Transform Your Bath with a Walk-in Tub

The beneficial features of our walk-in tubs extend beyond the benefits of accessibility, durability, and low-maintenance. They also reach out to the aspect of customizability in that we have several colors and patterns from which you can choose that can completely transform the look of your Harrisburg bathroom. This allows you to access the design expert inside of yourself so you can create the beautiful bathroom that you’ve always wanted. Best of all, with the bathroom experts at Your Remodeling Guys by your side, you’ll have professional consultants to help you with anything you need. Start creating the accessible bathroom of your dreams when you contact us for your free accessible bathing consultation!

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