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Bath Remodeling Options

Our bath remodeling options can be the perfect solution for any bathroom remodel. Find out how updating the centerpiece of your bathroom can be just the revival you’re looking for.
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Save Your Bathroom with a Bath Remodel

Enjoy High-Quality Bathing in a Newly Remodeled Bath

The quality of your bathing experience can be instantly restored once you choose to have your bathtub remodeled with one of the beautiful options from Your Remodeling Guys. Our bath remodeling experts can help you decide whether your tub is in need of a full replacement or if a simple liner will rid you of your bathing woes. Each of these products are made using non-porous acrylic of the highest quality. This ensure that your new installation won’t chip, crack, peel, fade, or succumb to any other types of common damage. The non-porous nature of the acrylic also makes it highly resistant to mold and mildew. This means you no longer have to worry with any hard scrubbing or hazardous cleaning materials to keep your new bath installation looking pristine.

Bath Remodeling Options

  • Budget-Friendly Bath Liners: One of our more affordable options, a new bath liner installations is a quick fix to a problem that’s been building for years. Our custom-made bath liners cover up any physical discrepancies and damages once they are placed directly over your existing tub.
  • Wonderful New Wall Surrounds: The wall system of your bath no longer has to be sore talking point once you replace it with a beautiful new wall surround made with our high-quality acrylic. Available in several colors and patterns, our wall surrounds can perfectly complement the existing style of your bathroom.
  • Full Replacement Bathtubs: This is the smart choice for any bath remodel since it involves getting a brand new tub. Our professionals will remove your old, stained, damaged tub and replace it with a beautiful new one that’s made using the highest quality acrylic. Best of all, we take the exact measurements of your old tub to ensure that your new custom bath fits perfectly into your existing tub space. This drastically cuts down on time of installation and labor costs.

Bath Remodeling Expertise in Harrisburg

Our bath remodeling experts are some of the best in the business and have been professionally trained to perform flawless installations every time. The triple seal technology that we use ensures that there is absolutely no way for any moisture to find its way to beneath the installation. This means that you won’t have to worry about any mold or mildew popping up in any hidden space. Additionally, each of our acrylic installations are non-porous, which makes them highly resistant to mold and mildew so you don’t even have to worry about it inside the installation. Find out more about how our beautiful bath installations can make your bathing experience far more enjoyable. Contact us today to discover which bath remodeling solution is perfect for your Harrisburg home.

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