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Reflective Foil Insulation

Learn how to guard against the most efficient form of heat transference. Our radiant barrier uses NASA technology to keep your home at a more comfortable temperature throughout the year.
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Reflective Foil Insulation & Why You Need It

Reduce Radiant Heat Transfer in Your Home

Radiant heat transfer is known to be the most efficient form of heat transfer since it doesn’t lose any of its heat to space or air. This makes it exceptionally dangerous to the energy efficiency of your Harrisburg home. Fortunately, we have the most effective way of combatting it here at Your Remodeling Guys and that is our radiant barrier insulation. This form of insulation uses space-age NASA technology to reflect radiant heat away from your Harrisburg home. It works due to its values of high-reflectivity and low-emissivity, which means that it absorbs and reemits less heat to effectively counter the attack of radiant heat.

How Radiant Heat Transfer Works

Radiant heat transfer is the smartest of all the forms of heat transfer. This is because it traverses through space without losing heat. Rather than transferring heat to the air around, radiation strictly transfers heat to objects such as roofs, people, windows, etc. Objects with a low reflectivity are highly susceptible to this form of heat transfer and can be quite damaging to your home’s energy efficiency since they reemit the radiant heat throughout your home. This is where our radiant barrier insulation comes into play since it keeps radiant heat out due to its high reflective value. Furthermore, equipping your Harrisburg home with double-sided radiant barrier can keep your heated inside during the colder months to help you save even more energy. Double-sided radiant barrier works to keep outside heat out of your home while keeping the inside heat from escaping, which is a great advantage for any homeowner who is concerned with saving energy throughout the year.

Radiant Barrier Installation for Your Home

When you turn to Your Remodeling Guys as your energy-saving expert, you can be certain that you’re receiving the attic insulation your home needs. This is because we perform a 12-point visual inspection of your Harrisburg home to determine where and how it’s incurring the most energy loss. Our inspectors are accredited by the Building Performance Institute, which means that they know exactly what they’re looking for and how to deal with it. Additionally, we make sure to carry multiple insulation types so that we are able to deal with any form of heat transfer. Stop your home’s energy loss today by contacting us to schedule your 12-point visual inspection to make sure the energy performance of your home is where it needs to be.

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